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We have carefully selected and established strategic alliances for the benefit of our clients.

RISCCO recognizes that providing comprehensive solutions to our customers sometimes requires the skills and products of business partners.

Alliances with Software Companies

RISCCO established an agreement with Diligent (formerly ACL) for the official distribution of both Central America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean. Diligent has been recognized as the world's leading data mining and analysis tool by the Institute of Internal Auditors. More than 50 organizations use Diligent ACL in Panama, in addition, 60% of the Fortune 1000 use ACL.

The Institute of Internal Auditors has selected Diligent ACL as the first technology solutions provider in its program for companies that provide services and products for internal auditors.

RISCCO is the distributor for Panama, Central America and the Caribbean of Belkasoft Evidence Center (BEC), a leading software in digital forensics, data recovery and reverse engineering.

BEC is used by dozens of police and security agencies such as: FBI, Department of Homeland Security, Israeli Police, City of London Police, Australian Federal Police Melbourne, among others

Alliances with Service Companies

Intrasoft has extensive experience in forensic analysis, digital expertise and data recovery. In addition, it is dedicated to the installation and support of networks.

B & G, Truth Corporate is a company founded in Panama by a group of professionals with more than fifteen years of experience in Auditing and Technology whose main objective is to provide advice on risk management, controls and security in information systems.

IT Green is a new company, but with personnel with experience in the area of Networks, Security and Information Technology that seeks efficiency in the consumption of resources, in networks and energy savings, developing best practices in the use of Equipment that is totally beneficial for the environment.


The value proposition to our clients is based on two of the pillars of our organization: knowledge and credibility. Two pillars that RISCCO professionals have to provide solutions with value on time and within budget.


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