What is IT Risk Management?

An intelligent, comprehensive IT risk and cyber risk management program to quickly prevent and mitigate risks across your organization with HighBond’s IT Risk Management.

How can IT Risk Management help me?

The basic objectives of the risk function are the following:

  • Demonstrate effective risk management to the Board of Directors, regulators and other key stakeholders.
  • Produce reports in real time on the risk environment.
  • Anticipate and mitigate fast-moving and emerging risks.
  • Evaluate the risks and determine the possible damages.
  • Ensure that mitigation activities are carried out.
  • Engage the risk owner.

Benefits of IT Risk Management?

Implement an integrated and strategic IT risk and cyber risk management program:

  • Proactively prevent, identify, and remediate risks to all of your organization’s IT and information assets, and provide instant visibility into your threat landscape. Protect your organization by making informed decisions that drive revenue with advanced analytics.

  • Enable all teams to work centrally in real time on a single system, with unified data and streamlined collaboration for executives to make informed decisions. Save time and quickly identify security threats by automating critical IT risk and compliance workflows.

  • Deploy in just a few clicks preconfigured content to help you manage an inventory of risks and controls, with automated end-to-end cybersecurity risk scoring and seamless integration with threat and vulnerability intelligence sources.

IT Risk Management capabilities?


Most organizations struggle to create strategic alignment around their IT risk and cyber risk landscape because each department has different goals and priorities. IT Risk Management brings all your data together in one place to drive consistency and visibility across the organization, as well as facilitate greater collaboration and access to real-time risk information.

Use IT Risk Management to:

  • Collaborate seamlessly across teams to identify and assess IT risk and compliance through a centralized dashboard
  • Automate and manage the IT asset lifecycle on a single platform
  • Immediately identify top threats to prioritize risk mitigation work with near real-time control monitoring assessment
  • Demonstrate compliance with IT risk and security regulations faster with the automation of critical IT risk and compliance workflows.
  • Provide visibility into IT risk and compliance with visualizations and executive dashboards to make better data-driven decisions.

Main features:

  • Centralized and comprehensive management of IT risks and compliance
  • Unified platform for cross-team collaboration
  • Automation of IT risk and compliance workflows and processes with preconfigured content
  • Integration with sources of inf