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Laws on the Protection of Personal Data

When to comply, it is not an option. . .

What do these laws consist of?

Is the effort to comply with Personal Data Protection Laws high?

How can we help you at RISCCO?

What do these Laws consist of?

On a global level and in the region, each day it is more frequent for countries to pass laws that establish the principles, rights, obligations and procedures that regulate the processing of personal data.

These Laws usually apply to the personal data of nationals and foreigners whose databases are located in the country or whose data controller is domiciled in a particular jurisdiction.

Is the effort to comply with Personal Data Protection Laws high?

It is not easy, but if the project starts early, it is possible that the organization demonstrates compliance with this type of law in one or two semesters.

Change of culture, development of policies-procedures and awareness in the organization, are some of the necessary elements to comply with this type of Law.

Although many organizations assign this project to the area of information technology and/or security, doing so is the first mistake when trying to be in compliance with Personal Data Protection Laws.

The success of the project lies in incorporating all the areas that give some type of treatment to personal data in the organization. In addition, incorporating lawyers with practical experience in Personal Data Protection is very important.

How can we help you at RISCCO?

Always thinking of the best interests of our clients and friends, when we warned that the promotion of Data Protection Laws in the region would take place, we confirmed that the success of our consulting services in compliance with this type of Law, due to the legal implications, it would require incorporating a Lawyer with practical experience in personal data protection projects.

At RISCCO we have a name and reputation in technology risk, information security, systems auditing and computer crime investigations. However, that is not enough to help organizations comply with Personal Data Protection Laws.

At RISCCO we are pleased to have made an alliance with the Lawyer specializing in personal data protection, María Arias Pou.

María has a Doctorate in Law from the European University. María was co-chair of the privacy chapter for Panama of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, IAPP.

In addition, currently, for the 2019-2021 mandate, she is First Vice President of the Spanish Professional Association of Privacy, APEP.

María has a Master’s degree in ICT Law from the Comillas Pontifical University. Graduated in Law from the University of Navarra. Fifth Vice President of the Spanish Professional Privacy Association (APEP).


Awareness talk on personal data protection and/or Local Regulation

60-minute talk to the organization about what personal data protection consists of. The objective of this talk is for the impact of personal data protection projects to be understood at a very high level, why it is something much more encompassing than information technology and, in summary, the implications of complying with Personal Data Protection Laws.

Carrying out a "Gap Analysis" on the level of compliance with local or global regulations

This service seeks to identify the level of compliance that an organization has with respect to local or Global regulation (such as GDPR). For this purpose, aspects of policies, processes, procedures, contracts, legal aspects and technical aspects will be validated, in accordance with the requirements of the Law. The result, in addition to showing non-compliance areas, will include recommendations to comply with local regulations or align with best practices on personal data protection.

Accompaniment during the execution of the project

Once the organization has defined the different projects and subprojects to comply with the local regulation or its desire to align with global practices, we can accompany the organization in the Project Committee meetings or other meetings, to clarify possible doubts and questions about the best practical way to comply with the Law.


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