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GRC Platform

Strengthening of organizations to carry out heroic works.

The only cloud platform that integrates audit, risk, and compliance objectives powered by your organization's data.


Data and Continuous Monitoring

Internal Audit Management

Risk Management

Compliance Management

Control Management

IT Risk Management

Third Party Risk Management

Data analysis, analytics and automation

Industry leading solution for over 30 years, you can break free from sampling and analyze 100% of your high throughput data set. Access to any type of information (databases, files, data in the cloud, email and more) that allows the creation of report indicators on a recurring and automated basis.

RPA - Robotic Process Automation

Make the robots work for you! Use “Robots” to program and automate repetitive manual tasks, such as bank statements or reconciliation, accounts payable and access to control processes of Information Technology Government. It doesn’t matter if you work with audit, finance, IT or compliance. “Robots” allow you to focus on high-value tasks while maintaining full guarantees on your processes.

machine learning

Supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms can be easily applied to all governance activities, making them smarter over time. For the data scientists in your organization, ACL Robotics is fully integrated with the R and Python programming languages, making advanced data analysis even easier.

Audit management, workflow and monitoring

The HighBond platform manages audit workflows and workflows, aggregating your data so you can give executives better insights and spend more time on critical insights and high value-add tasks. Let our solution manage and track responses across the enterprise.

Audit and continuous monitoring

Automation of indicators and / or reports of the analyzed processes, automating their execution in the period you need, centralizing the processing of this information, freeing the workstation from this activity.

Risk management and compliance

With a 360 view of your risks, Diligent’s Risk and Compliance Management solution helps you assess your performance against goals, quickly spot the need for corrective action, and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Prevention of fraud and corruption

Solution based on data automation to intelligently detect, apply, remediate and prevent fraud and corruption. Fraud and corruption are distributed across systems and operations, plundering their resources, diminishing their reputation, competitiveness, and image exposure. Get a complete view of your program by implementing operational governance, monitoring, and evaluation of your business processes that cover 100% of your data.

Prevention of money laundering (PLD / AML)

Protect your business with the ACL solution for Prevention of Money Laundering (PLD) / Anti Money Laundering (AML).

IT Governance, Cyber Risk and GDPR / LGDP

Manage governance across cyber security, data privacy, regulations, risk, and compliance. The ACL platform integrates your IT frameworks to provide the framework you need to ensure your IT security environment is robust, well-governed, and aligned to strategic risks.

ACL Consulting

RISCCO has highly specialized professionals in ACL solutions, data analysis, audits, controls and indicators. Professionals certified by ACL Services Ltd.

ACL training

ACL Training (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced).

High Bond Platform

GRC Consulting

RISCCO has highly specialized professionals in GRC Solutions, data analysis, audits, controls and indicators of certified professionals.


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